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Social Media Risk Management Package

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social media monitoring   5 keywords   15 keywords   15 keywords
Domain Name Monitoring   5 keywords   15 keywords   15 keywords
Internet Reputation Management Guidelines   checkmark   checkmark   checkmark
24x7 Emergency Hotline   checkmark   checkmark   checkmark
Incidnet Response Experts   available   checkmark   managed
Incident Response Actions   perincident   5 Included   5 threat actions included
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Getting started is quick and easy. Many small and mid sized businesses use internet911 to understand and protect their online reputation.

Compare the programs, select which program is right for you and sign up today. Need help choosing the right program? Please call 1.877.373.9111


Managed Service Option

If you feel that you don’t have the time to set up and monitor your online and social media footprint we have a Managed Service Option where our analysts will look at your site and portal regularly, analyse that data and personally alert you to what may be opportunities or threats and take action on your behalf. We do it for you!


What are my billing options?

We offer both monthly and annual billing. For monthly billing, credit card only. For annual billing, you have the option or credit card or invoice.


Are there any discounts?

We offer a discount when paying annually for the one year subscription. For our Standard, Enhanced and Managed programs it's $200, $500 or $1,200 off per year respectively! You will also receive a 30% discount off the price of all additional domains/programs you sign-up for.



* Standard Program: Unlimited support from a Customer Support Specialist. For consultation with an internet911 Incident Response Expert and agreed to in advance with the client a $150/per hour fee will apply. There is a minimum $150 charge.
Enhanced Program: Unlimited consultation and advice from our Incident Response Experts.

** Standard Program: For brand abuse and social media related incident responses or takedown actions a flat fee of $500 is charged per incident. For identity theft takedowns a flat fee of $1000 is charged per incident.
Enhanced Program/ Managed Service Option: Includes 2 or 5 incident responses (max 1 phishing) per year at no charge. For additional incident responses over the 2 or 5 included, a flat fee of $500 is charged for brand abuse and social media related incidents and $1000 is charged for identity theft takedowns.
(Please note: Unused incidents are not carried forward to the next year of service.)

*** Managed Service Option: Up to 4 hours per month of search, filtering and threat responses taken on behalf of customer by internet911 personnel.